A Maury Povich Moment, Well Almost

Like most other heathens/asatruar, I have an interest in genealogy. It is the “We are our deeds” and “We are our ancestors” type thing.   Recently I made the decision to take the AncestryDNA test.   I had put it off for some time and there was a certain amount of trepidation of not knowing what I might find.  However, I am getting older and I needed to do it for my children and grandchildren.   We all know that we need to live today like it might be our last day; because one day we will be right.

dnaFor the reader’s general information, the AncestryDNA test covers the entire genome, unlike Y or mitochondrial tests.   It then compares the results to 26 regions/ethnicities with a 98% call rate.   The test includes Trace Regions where the percentage rate is 0% to 15% or a predicted percent less than 4.5%.   According to the Ancestry.com website, there is only a small amount of evidence to believe that one has ethnicity from the Trace Regions and one may not have any at all.   The test is gender neutral.   Just to clarify things, I know next to nothing about genetics and I am not plugging for Ancestry.com.    There are other tests, but this is the only test that currently links with your family tree.

I put my money down and shortly the test kit arrived by post.  Like a future guest on “The Maury Povich Show,” I completed the DNA test and sent it in.    I routinely checked my email for the notice that the results were in.    About a month and a half later, I got the email with the provided link to check the results.    As I opened the link, I could envision myself on the stage of “The Maury Povich Show” during a “Who is the baby-daddy?” moment of social depravity.    ((Maury)) leans toward the goy and in a condescending manner says “and the father is…”  The link opened:

Scandinavian- 46%

Great Britain- 25%

Ireland- 11%

Iberian Peninsula- 8%    (I wonder- Celts or Goths?  Probably Celts)

(for a total of 96%)

[Trace- possible]

Western Europe- 3%

Eastern Europe- 2%

Italy/Greece- 1%

(West Asia)

Middle East- 4%


(for a total of 4%)

Now I am certain, I could send the raw data to another company and they would interpret the results somewhat differently.     It shows only 3% western Europe and I have a traceable German line.   However, the Scandinavian results are not so surprising to me.   My surname suggests that my father’s ancestors came from parts of Great Britain that were settled and controlled by Scandinavians for many years during the time of the Dane Law.

Unfortunately however, I do not believe the results will allow me and my immediate prodigy the privilege of claiming aggrieved minority status, which would enhance our chances of getting special privileges these days. And unfortunately, if the globalist get their way, my line and many others like it are slated for extinction.    We as a people, a folk, need self-understanding.   We need self-knowledge.   We need self-love.

Ves Heil,


Author: Tryggulfr

I am an asatruar, to be specific an American Heathen, so it is from that perspective that I view the world.

Ves Heil,