Nordic Circle Kindred- Word Fame

This is a hearty hail to Nordic Circle Kindred in Arizona, which was officially founded earlier this year in January 2016.   What makes NCKAZ different from other kindreds is that they are actively in the streets passing out food, water and clothing to homeless military veterans.    They are a kindred of action or as they would say, “Boots on the ground”.   NCKAZ is making a difference!  If you wish to make a difference by supporting the kindred’s efforts, or if you want to find out what the kindred is doing; go to their web page.  You can call them at 1-800-529-1542.  Or you can do as I do and follow them on Facebook.  The veterans could use our support.    They fought for us, let’s fight for them!

Raise your mead horn with me and give Nordic Circle Kindred a hearty hail !!!!

Ves Heil,


Word Fame- Stephen A. McNallen

site_logoOn 01 May 2016 the Asatru Folk Assembly Alsherjargothi Stephen McNallen made an announcement on Facebook, that he would be going into a well-earned semi-retirement to spend more time on his personal development.   Mr. McNallen’s contribution to American Heathenry since 1972 can not be over stated and his semi-retirement, for AFA members, will be bitter-sweet.   This writer will not attempt to list Mr. McNallen’s achievements, that would take an entire chapter of a book.   If Else Christensen is the folk móðir, then surely Stephen McNallen is the faðir of the trufolk movement in the United States and to him we are indebted.

Steve[Ostara in the South 2016 Stephen McNallen and Henrick Palmgren (photo courtesy of Kalki Weisthor-]

Raise a horn of mead with me and, “Hail Alsherjargothi Emeritus Stephen A. McNallen”

But a noble name | will never die,
If good renown one gets.

Word Fame- Chris Jacheo

Tier One Viking Radio
Tier One Viking Radio

This writer is raising his mead horn and giving a hearty “Hail!” to Chris Jacheo of Tier One Viking Radio.   Mr. Jacheo is a former Army infantryman- with combat deployments, a protection specialist, an athlete, and an American Heathen.   Mr. Jacheo owns a clothing company which sells quality heathen clothing with a military slant called Tier One Viking Wear.    This writer can recommend Tier One Viking Wear as he has purchased several of Mr. Jacheo’s items and wears them on a regular basis.    Mr. Jacheo’s radio show is an educational, entertaining, no nonsense, salty, approach to American Heathenism that reflects Mr. Jacheo’s military background.    The greatest compliment this writer can bestow is to say, “If I was in a dark alley with my back against the wall with several hostiles about to hand me my posterior, I would want Chris Jacheo to be the Q.R. F.”